3 Concerts in Cambridge MA

April 23, Cambrdige MA: Special guest with Chalangra Trio: Steven Lantner (piano), Allan Chase (alto & soprano saxophones), Luther Gray (drums), Ellwood Epps (trumpet) at Outpost 186, 186½ Hampshire St, Inman Sq. 8pm, $10.

April 25, Cambridge MA: Laurence Cook (drums), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Ellwood Epps (trumpets), Damon Smith (double bass), Eric Zinman (piano) at Salon 234, 234 Columbia Street, 8pm, 10$ suggested.

April 30, Cambridge MA: Ellwood Epps (trumpet), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Pandelis Karayorgis (piano), Eric Rosenthal (drums). Outpost 186, 186 and a half Hampshire Street. 8pm, $10.

Haleh Fotowat

"Ornette Flowers", Charcoal, ink, and gouache on paper, 24 x 19 in.