Discographie Sélective

Ratchet Orchestra ‘Coco Swirl’ (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2019)

Ellwood Epps, Paul Plimely, Dylan van der Schyff ‘Plaiting Traces’ (Mr. E, 2019)

New Language Collaborative ‘NLC in Montréal’ (Mr. E, 2019)

Epps, Hamel, Diamantakiou, Bamford ‘Spiritualized’ (Mr. E, 2019)

Ellwood Epps & Eric Zinman ‘Duets’ (Mr. E, 2019)

Ellwood Epps & Eric Zinman ‘Obscura!’ (Mr. E, 2019)

Togetherness 'Togetherness' (Mr. E, 2018)

Pink Saliva 'Tropical Fun & General Lightness' (Sono Sordo, 2016)

Klaxon Gueule 'Ceci n'est pas...' (Sono Sordo, 2016)

Malcolm Goldstein & The Ratchet Orchestra 'Soweto Stomp' (Mode Records, 2016)

Jean Derome 'Musiques de chambres' (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2015)

Land of Marigold 'creosote' (Barnyard, 2015)

Yves Charuest & Ellwood Epps 'La Passe' (Small Scale Music, 2014)

Côté/Kese 'Botul à la campagne' (Squint Fucker Press, 2014)

Unrepeatable Quartet 'Edmonton 2012' (Eh?, 2014)

Pink Saliva 'Il parait que' (Tour de bras, 2013)

Mecha Fixes Clocks 'Beau comme un aéroport' (Tour de bras, 2013)

Land of Marigold ‘Land of Marigold’ (Bug Incision, 2013)

Jack Wright/Ellwood Epps/Chris Dadge/Scott Munto 'The Unrepeatable Quartet' (Bug Incision, 2013)

Ratchet Orchestra 'Hemlock' (Drip Audio, 2012)

Pink Saliva ‘Smolder’ (Kakutopia, 2011)

Mecha Fixes Clocks ‘Teoria dell'elasticità di Girolamo Papariello’ (Ambiances Magnetiques 2011)

Matana Roberts ‘Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens de couleur libres’ (Constellation, 2011)

Axel Dörner/Ellwood Epps ‘twine’ (Mr. E, 2010)

Tiari Kese ‘Ave <W>’ (&Records, 2010)

Pink Saliva ‘Pink Saliva’ (&Records, 2010)

Luc Paradis ‘Making Moonshine—Moondog Songs by Moondog Fans EP 4’ (SL Records, 2010)

Mecha Fixes Clocks ‘À l’inattendu les dieux livrent passage’ (&Records, 2010)

Ratchet Orchestra Self-tited (Distroboto, 2009)

Pink Saliva ‘Hardcore: La Brique’ (Bug Incision, 2009)

Klaxon Gueule ‘infininiment’ (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2009)

Pink Saliva, ‘Danse avec Robert Duncan’ (Majmua, 2009)

Jean Derome, ‘Dangereux Zhoms +7 live at FIMAV 2008’ (VICTO, 2009)

All Up In There, ‘All Up In There’ (Mr.E, 2009)

David Mott Quintet, ‘Downtown Runout’ (Music as Energy, 2009)

Sam Shalabi, ‘Land of Kush’ (Constellation, 2009)

Pink Saliva, ‘Butterfly Potion’ (Panospria, 2008)

Ellwood Epps, ‘Madness and the Body of Mystery’ (Mr.E, 2008)

Bernard Falaise, ‘Clic’ (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2008)

Ratchet Orchestra, ‘Live at the Sala Rosa November 28, 2007’ (Independent, 2008)

Quartetski, ‘Quartetski does Prokofiev’ (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2007)

Joe Giardullo, ‘Red Morroco’ (RogueArt, 2007)

Virgule, ‘Let’s Go to Easter Island’ (Distroboto, 2006)

Paul Rucker Large Ensemble, ‘Live at Earshot’ (Jackson Street Records, 2005)

Powerbuch, ‘Powerbuch’ (Homespun, 2004)

Geordie MacDonald, ‘Blue Mythos’ (Sonavista, 2004)

Rosasharn’s Dream, ‘Pansonic’ (Homespun, 2004)

Jason Hammer, ‘Nuts and Rebuts’ (Independent, 2003)

Tricycle, ‘emerge and see’ (Independent, 2003)

Ken Aldcroft Trio + 1, ‘From Our Time’ (Trio Records, 2002)

David Mott Quintet, ‘Eleven’ (Music as Energy, 2002)

Free Wo­rk Band, ‘Free Work Band’ (Homefront, 2000)