Photo by Etienne Mangonaux

                                                                                                                  Photo by Etienne Mangonaux

Autumn coming on...

As the fall approaches, I'm engaged in my daily practice as always. Even when there are few opportunities to perform, as is the case for me these days in Montreal, I keep in shape on the trumpet, on the meditation cushion, and in the swimming pool. Bach gamba sonatas, the Charlie Parker Omnibook, playing with Lee Konitz's 'Motion', Persian Dastgahs, the music we play in Togetherness!, and where the spirit moves me. I'm also very engaged with all of my students; we enjoy engaging with this seemingly unyielding instrument, and finding the music inherent in breath and vibration.

These days it can be months between performances, and some days the practice embodies something like the spirit of Cecil Taylor's imaginary concerts. What I do very much look forward to is continuing my adventures with the New Language Collaborative in Cambridge Mass., some performances and the first recording session of Togetherness!, and a series of six performances in Vancouver, where I'll be in residence through the auspices of Trading Places, The NOW Orchestra, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and the Western Front. Information on all of these performances can be found in this site's calendar. 

I will also be making my second recording for solo trumpet. Many people aren't aware of my first solo recording, which was made about twelve years ago; that will be re-released along with the new record. 

I very much hope to be able to share my music with you, as soon as humanly possible. Time waits for no-one!


New Language Collaborative (Syd Smart, Gylnis Lomon, Ellwood Epps, Eric Zinman) performing in Cambridge, Massachusetts with painter Linda Clave: